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Peter Noone

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heart STATS:
Peter Blair Denis Bernard Noone
November 5, 1947
Birth Place:
Manchester, England
Current Martial Status:
Contact Address:
Peter Noone
1187 Coast Village Rd #525
Santa Barbara, CA 93108

heart Early Career
Peter has been a part of public life since his very early childhood. He was a child actor and began working in Herman's Hermits when he was only fifteen. He has done work in the theater, including the Hallmark Hall of Fame production Pinnochio!. Peter and Mireille were married on November 5, 1968, Peter's twenty-first birthday.
heart Did you know....
In 1965, Herman's Hermits sold more records than the Beatles??
Peter made a cameo in the movie Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band??
Peter began his first band at age twelve??
Peter's daughter, Natalie, is also an experienced musician, occasionally performing with her father??
heart After Herman's Hermits

After Herman's Hermits, Peter began a very sucessful solo carrer. In the early 80's, he started the band The Tremblers. He also did more work in the theater, including a time on Broadway. In the early 90's, he hosted My Generation on VH1. In 1998 he joined Davy Jones and Bobby Sherman for the Teen Idols tour. He has also been touring as a solo act. Lately, Peter has been working with Christmas Unity, a Santa Barbara charity. For the past several years he has appeared on their annual telethon.

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