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The Noonatic Fanclub is just about the greatest fan club I've found. The information you get as part of this club is fabulous. Heartbeat, the official Noonatic Newsletter, is jam packed with pictures, concert stories, and Q & A with PN! I cannot encourage you enough to join! It's inexpensive, only $20 a year, and it's well worth the wealth of information you will get for your money! I've been a member for over a year, and I love it. I've made some great pals, and concerts are so much more fun when you can hang out with fellow Noonatics! Plus, you can get special deals, like club-members-only "Knees Up" with PN before selected shows and discounts on merchandise at So have I sold you yet?? Great! Go over to and sign up! Oh, and don't forget to tell them Shawna sent you. :)

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